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Room by Room - Assembly by Assembly analysis of structures. All the surfaces and materials are entered into software to model & analyze the heat transfer in and out of the building.

  • Climatic Influences on Structure - Solar Insolance - Wind Currents and Seasonal, Diurnal Temperature Swings and how they Influence the Design and what Bio-Regional Strategies may be Effective.
  • Natural Ventilation Strategies - Calculation of the Ability of the Mass of the Building to be cooled Passively or Semi-Actively.
  • Alternative Energy System Research, Modeling, and Implementation of On and Off site Energy Generation
  • Hydronic Solar Radiant Systems Integration for Thermal Solar Heating Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Cost Benefit Analysis; Life Cycle Assessment and Embodied Energy Analysis.


  • eQuest, EnergyPro, RemRate, Therm, Energy Plus for thermal analysis
  • Custom designed spreadsheets for cost & life cycle analysis
  • Vectorworks, AutoCAD, & SketchUp 3-D Cad software for visualization and documentation
  • ACCA Manual J, Manual D Software for heating and cooling system analysis and design
  • Radiant & Hydronic calculation & design software for water source heating and cooling systems
  • T-Sol, Solmetric Sun-Eye
  • Real Time Energy Monitoring and Disaggrigation







Present the findings of the study to the design team and owner. Discuss the influence of each measure on the project and how it effects the goals and requirements guiding the design.

Prepare submittal documents & drawings for code compliance, planning or permit approvals. Perform existing conditions inspections and additional HERS inspections as required. Document the positive efforts of the construction team for recognition by Building Departments and Green Building Programs.

We use our years of hands on construction experience to design and specify mechanical systems -supply equipment selections - design guidance and construction logistics to installing mechanical contractors.

Construction management and support

 Title 24 & Green building Programs

  • International & California Energy Code Consulting
  • Compliance Documents & Submittals
  • HERS inspections
  • GreenPoint Rating & Documentation
  • LEED Consulting

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